Rodney H. Jones

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Occupy Hong Kong: Historicizing Protest

Edited by John Flowerdew and Rodney H. Jones

Special issue of Journal of Language and Politics 15:5 (2016) vi, 147 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Despite denials from tech executives, fact-checks from journalists and explanations from security experts, the “conspiracy theory” that internet companies listen to people’s conversations via the microphones in their mobile phones persists. This paper explores the ways people make sense of their… read more | Chapter
Jones, Rodney H. and Dennis Chau. 2022. Metalinguistic tactics in the Hong Kong protest movement. Language, Politics and Media: The Hong Kong Protests, Wang, Guofeng and Ming Liu (eds.), pp. 143–172
This paper explores the metalinguistic tactics used by Hong Kong protesters in 2014 and 2019 and how they reflected and exploited a range of dominant ideologies about language in the city. These tactics are considered both in terms of their rhetorical utility in the “message war” between protesters… read more | Article
Jones, Rodney H. 2017. Surveillant landscapes. Linguistic Landscape 3:2, pp. 149–186
Most linguistic landscape research to date has focused on how people read and write language in the material world. Much less attention has been paid to the way linguistic landscapes sometimes read and write their inhabitants through technologies like CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, and other… read more | Article
Flowerdew, John and Rodney H. Jones. 2016. Occupy Hong Kong: Historicizing Protest. Occupy Hong Kong: Historicizing Protest, Flowerdew, John and Rodney H. Jones (eds.), pp. 519–526
Jones, Rodney H. and Neville Chi Hang Li. 2016. Evidentiary video and “Professional Vision” in the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. Occupy Hong Kong: Historicizing Protest, Flowerdew, John and Rodney H. Jones (eds.), pp. 567–588
The video documentation of police violence against citizens, and the circulation of these videos over mainstream and social media, has played an important part in many contemporary social movements, from the Black Lives Matter Movement in the U.S. to the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. Such videos… read more | Article