Alda Mari

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alda Mari plays a role.


Laurenti, Enzo and Alda Mari 2023 Solipsistic and inter-subjective attitude reports: From representational to volitionalsVerb and Context: The impact of shared knowledge on TAME categories, Rodríguez Rosique, Susana and Jordi M. Antolí Martínez (eds.), pp. 171–202
This paper establishes a difference between solipistic and inter-subjective profiles of the attitudes across the epistemic and the bouletic domain. Revisiting the classical Hamblinian view, we propose that attitudes feature speech-act like content, which present p for uptake in the common ground… read more | Chapter
Mari, Alda 2018 Chapter 8. The French future: Evidentiality and incremental informationEvidence for Evidentiality, Foolen, Ad, Helen de Hoop and Gijs Mulder (eds.), pp. 199–226
We propose a new analysis for the French future, which treats it as a modal-evidential, articulating two perspectival points – a conjectural and a ratificational one. Considering that future also contributes a relative tense, we explain a variety of uses covering previously unexplained cases,… read more | Chapter
In this paper we reconsider the interpretation of indefinite singular generics and definite plural generics in Italian. We show that these two types of statements cannot be associated with the traditional distinction between definitional vs. accidental generalizations. In particular we argue that… read more | Article
In this paper we present a unified analysis of the negative concord item of Italian neppure. This item has an additive and a scalar interpretation corresponding to too and even of English. Our claim is that, under both of these interpretations, neppure presents a class or series as closed. The way… read more | Article