Angela Tellier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Angela Tellier plays a role.


Foreign language (FL) learning in English primary schools, statutory provision for most schools since 2014, has been characterised by distinct challenges. The first issue, peculiar to Anglophone settings, concerns how language learning is valued when ubiquitous English learning rationales of… read more | Article
Previous work has examined the potential of Esperanto as a pedagogical tool in classroom foreign language learning in England, where limited language input of sometimes as little as one hour per week is the norm. The work reviewed here focuses on child learners aged 6 to 12 and was carried out… read more | Article
Tellier, Angela and Karen Roehr-Brackin. 2013. Metalinguistic awareness in children with differing language learning experience. EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 13 (2013), Roberts, Leah, Anna Ewert, Miroslaw Pawlak and Magdalena Wrembel (eds.), pp. 81–108
Theoretical research concerned with the notion of second language (L2) learning difficulty has resulted in specific criteria that can be used to predict the learning difficulty of different languages in terms of both explicit and implicit knowledge. The characteristics of the constructed language… read more | Article