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Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Language disorders & speech pathology | Morphology | Psycholinguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

The Acquisition of Syntax in Romance Languages

Edited by Vincent Torrens and Linda Escobar

Subjects Generative linguistics | Language acquisition | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Ahern, Aoife K. and Vincent Torrens 2021 Chapter 14. The acquisition of mood in child SpanishL1 Acquisition and L2 Learning: The view from Romance, Avram, Larisa, Anca Sevcenco and Veronica Tomescu (eds.), pp. 355–378
This chapter presents an empirical study exploring the relationship between the development of Theory of Mind (ToM) and the first language acquisition of the subjunctive mood in Spanish. An analysis of the contrast between Spanish indicative and subjunctive verbal moods is proposed, linking it with… read more | Chapter
Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar 2009 Specific language impairment in Spanish & CatalanHispanic Child Languages: Typical and impaired development, Grinstead, John (ed.), pp. 265–282
This study examines empirical data from Spanish and Catalan children with SLI and argues in favor of the grammatical agreement deficit hypothesis (Clahsen 1989, 1991; Clahsen et al. 1997). Following Chomsky’s (1995) system of morphosyntactic features in terms of interpretability, we will assume… read more | Article
Escobar, Linda and Vincent Torrens 2008 5. The acquisition of universal quantifiers in SpanishFirst Language Acquisition of Morphology and Syntax: Perspectives across languages and learners, Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro, María Pilar Larrañaga and John Clibbens (eds.), pp. 119–135
This chapter deals with experimental research on Spanish children’s interpretation of universal quantifiers. A potentially difficult asymmetry is highlighted: quantifiers in preverbal or postverbal position in contexts of Clitic Left Dislocation. We show that five-year-olds easily obtain the wide… read more | Article
Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar 2006 The acquisition of syntax in Romance languagesThe Acquisition of Syntax in Romance Languages, Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar (eds.), pp. ix–xii
Torrens, Vincent, Linda Escobar and Kenneth Wexler 2006 The acquisition of experiencers in Spanish L1 and the external argument requirement hypothesisThe Acquisition of Syntax in Romance Languages, Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar (eds.), pp. 183–202
We present evidence that children have difficulty with the Spanish psych verbs that do not project the subject as the external argument. Our findings support the External Argument Requirement Hypothesis (EARH), according to which children until 5 or more have trouble with base structures that don’t… read more | Article
Wexler, Kenneth, Anna Gavarró and Vincent Torrens 2004 Feature Checking and Object Clitic Omission in Child Catalan and SpanishRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’, Groningen, 28–30 November 2002, Bok-Bennema, Reineke, Bart Hollebrandse, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 253 ff.