Liana de Andrade Biar

List of John Benjamins publications for which Liana de Andrade Biar plays a role.


de Andrade Biar, Liana, Naomi Orton and Liliana Cabral Bastos 2021 Tales from the South: Doing narrative analysis in a “post-truth” BrazilMethodology of Narrative Study: What the first thirty years of Narrative Inquiry have revealed, McCabe, Allyssa and Dorien Van De Mieroop (eds.), pp. 126–146
This article presents some of the theoretical-epistemological assumptions and methods which underpin Narrative Analysis in Brazil. In the niche we have carved out for ourselves, we combine (auto)ethnographic techniques with analytical tools which draw on both narrative analysis and… read more | Article
The notion of horizontal, “structureless” organisation continues to hold resounding appeal for those seeking to create more egalitarian societies. Given horizontality’s comfortable status as the golden child of contemporary social movements, in this article we ask to what extent symmetrical… read more | Article
This chapter aims at identifying a specific type of discourse about violence: the stories of adherence to drug trafficking, their emergence in the research context and the processes of identity construction resulting from said context. The data comes from fieldwork done during 2009 in one of the… read more | Chapter