Erika Sandman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Erika Sandman plays a role.


Sandman, Erika. 2023. Nominalization in Wutun. Language Contact with Chinese, Bao, Zhiming (ed.), pp. 41–61
In this paper I discuss the various functions of nominalization in Wutun, a mixed Sinitic language spoken by ca. 4000 people in Qinghai Province, Northwest China. Nominalization in Wutun is expressed by the multi-purpose marker -de (cognate to Standard Mandarin de 的), which functions on… read more | Article
This paper examines contact-induced change in numeral classifier systems based on two case studies of East Asian languages. Study 1 investigates contact-induced loss and emergence of numeral classifiers in different languages of the Amdo Sprachbund, where Sinitic languages are engaged in a… read more | Chapter
This article discusses how evidential and egophoric making is used to manage knowledge in interaction. To this end, it analyzes interactional data from Wutun (mixed Sinitic, Northwest China) and Upper Napo Kichwa (Quechuan, Ecuador). Wutun has an egophoric marking system, which, according to the… read more | Article
Kittilä, Seppo, Lotta Jalava and Erika Sandman. 2018. Chapter 11. What can different types of linguistic data teach us on evidentiality?. Evidence for Evidentiality, Foolen, Ad, Helen de Hoop and Gijs Mulder (eds.), pp. 281–304
In this chapter, different types of data used in evidentiality studies are discussed. We first discuss reference grammars, which are necessary for any cross-linguistic study of evidentials. This is followed by a discussion of (different types of) usage-based data, as well as natural language data… read more | Chapter
Sandman, Erika. 2018. Chapter 6. Egophoricity in Wutun. Egophoricity, Floyd, Simeon, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque (eds.), pp. 173–196
This paper discusses the category of egophoricity in Wutun. Drawing from first-hand field material, I show how markers of egophoricity in Wutun interact with person. In the introductory section, I provide basic information on the Wutun language and on its areal context, typological profile and verb… read more | Chapter