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Theoretical Approaches to Linguistic Variation

Edited by Ermenegildo Bidese, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 234] 2016. vii, 376 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This paper focuses on the distribution of null subjects in inti coordinated clauses in the Old High German translation of Tatian’s Diatessaron and shows that the presence of null referential subjects in this construction should not be analysed as a case of Topic drop of the same type of… read more
Cognola, Federica, Manuela Caterina Moroni and Ermenegildo Bidese 2022 Chapter 8. A comparative study of German auch and Italian anche: Functional convergences and structural differencesParticles in German, English, and Beyond, Gergel, Remus, Ingo Reich and Augustin Speyer (eds.), pp. 209–242 | Chapter
In this paper we carry out a systematic comparison between the German and Italian particles auch and anche (meaning “also”) and provide a formal account of the data couched within the cartographic approach to syntax (Cinque 1999; Rizzi 1997; Cinque & Rizzi 2010). Based on the available… read more
Through a focus on the properties of subject-finite verb inversion and XP fronting in three relaxed V2 languages, namely Cimbrian, Ladin and Mòcheno, this paper aims to widen and refine our understanding of relaxed V2 languages, i.e. languages in which the V2 property should be understood in a… read more
Cognola, Federica and Norma Schifano 2018 On ben in Trentino regional ItalianRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 13: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ 29, Nijmegen, Berns, Janine, Haike Jacobs and Dominique Nouveau (eds.), pp. 55–74 | Chapter
The aim of the present article is to discuss the syntactic distribution and semantic/pragmatic interpretation of the discourse particle ben (lit. ‘well’) as used in the Trentino regional variety of Italian. Regarding its distribution, the results of our investigation with native speakers show that… read more
Bidese, Ermenegildo, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni 2016 Introduction: Triggers for language variationTheoretical Approaches to Linguistic Variation, Bidese, Ermenegildo, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni (eds.), pp. 1–22 | Article
Cognola, Federica and Ermenegildo Bidese 2016 On language acquisition and language change: Is transmission failure favoured in multilingual heritage contexts?Theoretical Approaches to Linguistic Variation, Bidese, Ermenegildo, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni (eds.), pp. 337–370 | Article
Whether multilingual heritage settings can lead to imperfect language acquisition and language change is debated in the literature (Lightfoot 1991; Meisel 2010; Montrul 2004; Montrul & Potowski 2007; Pascual Y Cabo & Rothman 2012; Silva-Corvalán 1994; Sorace 2004). By investigating the syntax of… read more