Peter Unseth

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Many are familiar with Sequoyah’s creation of the Cherokee syllabary. But few are aware of the international impact of his script. Specialists have noted that his work led to the creation of additional scripts on three continents, but none have calculated the overall impact of Sequoyah’s influence. read more
Unseth, Peter 2016 The syllabary used by the Kickapoo in MexicoWritten Language & Literacy 19:2, pp. 246–256 | Article
Kickapoo who moved from the USA into northern Mexico since 1839 have written in a syllabary they identified as created by Sequoyah for the Cherokee. Possible scenarios for how the Kickapoo may have learned the Cherokee syllabary are examined. However, some authors have reported that the Kickapoo… read more
This article demonstrates that many of the same concepts and tools developed for the sociolinguistic study of how language communities choose spoken languages can also be profitably applied to the study of how they choose scripts. These similarities include the choice of a language or script to… read more