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Learning and Teaching L2 Writing

Guest-edited by Daphne van Weijen, Elke Van Steendam and Gert Rijlaarsdam

Special issue of ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 156 (2008) iii, 351 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Rijlaarsdam, Gert, Elke Van Steendam and Daphne van Weijen 2023 Chapter 2. Writing process studies. Struggling with complexities: Looking back, moving forwardResearch Methods in the Study of L2 Writing Processes, Manchón, Rosa M. and Julio Roca de Larios (eds.), pp. 34–59
This chapter discusses validity parameters for studies on writing processes in a second or foreign language (L2). To that end, Cook and Campbell’s validity framework, which discerns four types of validity, i.e., statistical, internal, construct and external validity, has been used. The chapter… read more | Chapter
This study investigated the effects of comprehensive feedback on learners’ grammatical accuracy during text revision and in new writing tasks in light of proficiency level. It also sought to determine to what extent learners’ proficiency level plays a role in their feedback preferences and… read more | Article
While the available research literature appears to support the implementation of task-based language teaching (TBLT) in Western countries, few studies have been conducted to investigate its impact on classroom practice in Asia, especially in comparison with the presentation-practice-production… read more | Article
Weijen, Daphne van, Elke Van Steendam and Gert Rijlaarsdam 2008 Special issue on Learning and Teaching L2 WritingLearning and Teaching L2 Writing, Weijen, Daphne van, Elke Van Steendam and Gert Rijlaarsdam (eds.), pp. 1–12