Mohammad Amouzadeh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mohammad Amouzadeh plays a role.


We shall concentrate on how the construction and modality system of alternative futures in political discourses are influenced by the construal of past-to-present threats and preemptive politics. Using Dunmire’s (2005) proposed framework and further explorations by Cap (2020) on the subject, we… read more
Kazemian, Reza and Mohammad Amouzadeh 2022 Aspects of væ (‘and’) as a discourse marker in PersianPragmatics 32:4, pp. 588–619 | Article
This study investigates the functions of væ (‘and’) as a discourse marker in Persian. More specifically, this study accounts for certain aspects of væ co-occurrences and their linearization order. Fraser’s model (forthcoming) was mainly employed to classify the multiple functions conveyed by væ.… read more
This paper investigates the synaesthetic constructions in Persian with the aim of finding out what motivates them despite their incongruous syntactic-semantic assignments. It is argued that these paradoxical elements require a metaphoric/metonymic frame to assign appropriate lexical units (LUs)… read more
Amouzadeh, Mohammad and Raha Zareifard 2019 Interactional metadiscourse of gender in Persian: The case of conference presentationsPragmatics and Society 10:4, pp. 512–537 | Article
The present study sets out to investigate an important aspect of gendered performance, namely, the presence of interactional metadiscourse in conference presentations delivered in Persian. The study pursues two primary objectives: firstly, to compare the quantity and quality of interactional… read more
This paper investigates how English influences the Persian scientific language. By analyzing parallel corpora of English and Persian texts from the areas of education and psychology, the paper seeks to reveal that translation as a language contact phenomenon influences not only the grammatical and… read more
This paper aims to investigate the language used by newspapers in post-revolutionary Iran. More precisely, the paper sets out to analyze how such a language is deployed to represent relevant hegemonic ideologies. The approach adopted for this purpose draws inspiration mainly from critical… read more
This paper focuses on the ways in which misunderstanding occurs between two interlocutors with different cultural backgrounds. As such, its main concern is with sociolinguistic transfer (Chick, 1996). Based on a cross-cultural model, it aims to investigate certain socio-pragmatic issues, (i.e.… read more