Sue Walker

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sue Walker plays a role.



Walker, Sue, Josefina Bravo, Al Edwards, Julie Hart and Gemma Little 2022 Instructions for COVID-19 self-tests: What parts of the test are the most difficult to get right and how can information design help?Information Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel, Marian Dörk and Yanni Loukissas (eds.), pp. 126–139 | Article
This paper summarises a cross-disciplinary project that explored ways of making instructions, funded as part of the UK COVID-19 rapid-response initiative. The project explored ways of making instructions for COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests easy for lay people to use. Our method comprised rapid… read more
Walker, Sue, Manjula Halai, Rachel Warner and Josefina Bravo 2021 Beat Bad Microbes: Raising public awareness of antibiotic resistance in RwandaInformation Design Journal 26:1, pp. 17–32 | Article
Health-related information design has made a difference to people’s lives through clear explanation of procedures, processes, disease prevention and maintenance. This paper provides an example of user-centered design being applied to engage people with the prevention of drug-resistant infection.… read more
Walker, Sue, Alison Black, Ann Bessemans, Kevin Bormans, Maarten Renckens and Mark Barratt 2018 Chapter 2. Designing digital texts for beginner readers: Performance, practice and processLearning to Read in a Digital World, Barzillai, Mirit, Jenny Thomson, Sascha Schroeder and Paul van den Broek (eds.), pp. 31–56 | Chapter
This chapter summarises issues that designers consider when they are producing reading materials for beginning and emerging readers, including the constraints imposed by technology. We suggest ways of engaging with users of e-books so that their needs can be considered. We conclude by summarising… read more
Walker, Sue 2003 IntroductionInformation Design Journal 11:2/3, pp. 214–215 | Article
This paper describes part of the work of the Typographic Design for Children project at The University of Reading. The aim was to find out whether children found serif or sans serif types easier or more difficult to read, and whether they found text with infant characters (e.g. variants of ‘a’ and… read more
This paper describes part of continuing research which is concerned with description of visual organization of verbal graphic language. There are no recognized descriptive techniques for studying spatial and graphic articulation of VGL, and the method proposed here is suggested as a prerequisite… read more