Redouane Djamouri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Redouane Djamouri plays a role.



Djamouri, Redouane and Waltraud Paul 2021 Clitic pronouns in Archaic ChineseJournal of Historical Linguistics 11:1, pp. 60–101 | Article
This article provides evidence for the so far neglected existence of two clitic pronouns, yǐ 以 and yǔ 與, in Archaic Chinese (10th c. – 3rd c. BC) in immediately verb-adjacent position: ‘yǐ/yǔ-V’. While yǔ only encodes the comitative/associative, yǐ encodes all kinds of (argument and… read more
Djamouri, Redouane and Waltraud Paul 2019 Chapter 5. Disharmony in harmony with diachronic stability: The case of ChineseThe Determinants of Diachronic Stability, Breitbarth, Anne, Miriam Bouzouita, Lieven Danckaert and Melissa Farasyn (eds.), pp. 101–130 | Chapter
Chinese is an intriguing case of syntactic stability. Since the earliest available documents (13th c. BC) up to today, it has displayed SVO order in combination with a head final NP as well as – in subsequent stages – other phenomena said to be typical of SOV languages, such as postpositions (since… read more