Philippe Van Parijs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Philippe Van Parijs plays a role.


Parijs, Philippe Van 2008 Linguistic diversity as curse and as by-productRespecting Linguistic Diversity in the European Union, Arzoz, Xabier (ed.), pp. 17–46
What is linguistic diversity? How can it be measured? Can the spreading of a lingua franca be expected to reduce it? And if so, does it matter? In an attempt to answer these questions, this paper first distinguishes the three dimensions of diversity – richness, evenness and distance – and describes… read more | Article
In science and in all other domains that require communication across borders, we need one lingua franca, and this lingua franca will be English. The adoption of the native language of some as everyone’s lingua franca unavoidably raises a problem of justice in various senses. One of these is… read more | Article