Federico M. Federici

Federico M. Federici

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Eye Tracking and Multidisciplinary Studies on Translation

Edited by Callum Walker and Federico M. Federici

[Benjamins Translation Library, 143] 2018. vi, 295 pp.
Subjects Psycholinguistics | Psychology | Translation Studies


Federici, Federico M. and Callum Walker. 2018. Chapter 2. A mapping exercise: Eye tracking and translation. Eye Tracking and Multidisciplinary Studies on Translation, Walker, Callum and Federico M. Federici (eds.), pp. 11–29
This chapter focuses on the most prolific period of eye-tracking research in Translation Studies considered against the broad backdrop of the four eras of eye-tracking-based research in other disciplines that have used eye-tracking experiments for several decades. Subdivided into two sections, the… read more | Chapter
Federici, Federico M. and Khetam Al Sharou. 2018. Moses, time, and crisis translation. Community Interpreting, Translation, and Technology, Pokorn, Nike K. and Christopher D. Mellinger (eds.), pp. 486–508
Training translators to react to sudden emergencies is a challenge. This article presents the results of a training experiment testing the speed of acquisition of the skills necessary to operate the open-source Moses statistical machine translation (SMT) system. A task-based approach was used with… read more | Article
Translators and interpreters have been shown to play an important role in supporting the activities of NGOs involved in crisis communication scenarios. However, there is little evidence of whether standardized training materials or technological assistance are required by or would be beneficial to… read more | Article
Federici, Federico M. 2007. Maurizio Viezzi. Denominazioni proprie e traduzione. Babel 53:1, pp. 90–93