Xiaofei Lu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Xiaofei Lu plays a role.



Wang, Ben Pin-Yun, Xiaofei Lu, Chan-Chia Hsu, Eric Po-Chung Lin and Haiyang Ai. 2019. Chapter 12. Linguistic metaphor identification in Chinese. Metaphor Identification in Multiple Languages: MIPVU around the world, Nacey, Susan, Aletta G. Dorst, Tina Krennmayr and W. Gudrun Reijnierse (eds.), pp. 247–265
O’Donnell et al. (2013) considered four measures of formulaicity and reported that they produced different results concerning the effects of expertise and first/second language status on formulaic sequence usage in academic writing. The current study explores several additional methodological… read more | Article
This paper proposes and describes a computational system for the automatic analysis of thematic structure, as defined in Systemic Functional Linguistics, in written English. The system takes an English text as input and produces as output an analysis of the thematic structure of each sentence in… read more | Article
Ai, Haiyang and Xiaofei Lu. 2013. A corpus-based comparison of syntactic complexity in NNS and NS university students’ writing. Automatic Treatment and Analysis of Learner Corpus Data, Díaz-Negrillo, Ana, Nicolas Ballier and Paul Thompson (eds.), pp. 249–264
This paper reports on a corpus-based comparison of syntactic complexity in NNS and NS university students’ writing. We analysed 600 essays from the Written English Corpus of Chinese Learners and the Louvain Corpus of Native English Essays using 10 syntactic complexity measures to investigate… read more | Article
We describe a computational system for automatic analysis of syntactic complexity in second language writing using fourteen different measures that have been explored or proposed in studies of second language development. The system takes a written language sample as input and produces fourteen… read more | Article
We describe a heuristics-based system for automatic measurement of syntactic complexity using the revised Developmental Level (D-Level) scale (Rosenberg & Abbeduto 1987; Covington et al. 2006). The system takes a raw sentence as input and assigns it to an appropriate developmental level on the… read more | Article
This paper addresses the problem of classifying Chinese unknown words into fine-grained semantic categories defined in a Chinese thesaurus, Cilin (Mei et al. 1984). We present three novel knowledge-based models that capture the relationship between the semantic categories of an unknown word and… read more | Article
This paper presents a hybrid model for part-of-speech (POS) guessing of Chinese unknown words. Most previous studies on this task have developed a unified statistical model for all Chinese unknown words and have rejected rule-based models without testing. We argue that models that use different… read more | Article