Jin-Ke Song

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jin-Ke Song plays a role.


Lamarre, Christine, Alice Vittrant, Anetta Kopecka, Sylvie Voisin, Noëllie Bon, Benjamin Fagard, Colette Grinevald, Claire Moyse-Faurie, Annie Risler, Jin-Ke Song, Adeline Tan and Clément Voirin 2022 Chapter 4. Deictic directionals revisited in the light of advances in typologyNeglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description: Deixis, asymmetries, constructions, Sarda, Laure and Benjamin Fagard (eds.), pp. 69–94
This study explores the issue of Associated Motion (hereafter AM) in five languages spoken in Africa and Asia. We investigate grammatical morphemes whose function is to add a motion process to the event encoded in the verb expressing the main (non-motion) event, and to specify the temporal sequence… read more | Chapter
Source and Goal, which represent two phases of Path of motion (the starting and the ending points respectively), have been largely studied as a case of linguistic asymmetry. Previous studies have demonstrated that speakers tend to express Goals more overtly than Sources when describing a motion… read more | Chapter