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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Collaborative writing (CW) presents unique L2 learning opportunities. While previous research primarily used cognitive and social approaches, the current chapter proposes a metacognitive approach to (1) advance our understanding of how CW supports L2 learning, and (2) explore pedagogical ideas that… read more | Chapter
Sato, Masatoshi 2022 Chapter 4. Mixed methods research in ISLAInstructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods, Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura and YouJin Kim (eds.), pp. 79–102
This chapter explores the potential of mixed methods research (MMR) for conducting robust ISLA research to understand complex second language (L2) learning phenomena in instructed settings. MMR provides researchers with a pragmatic framework to answer research questions by mixing quantitative… read more | Chapter
Loewen, Shawn and Masatoshi Sato 2021 Exploring the relationship between TBLT and ISLATASK 1:1, pp. 47–70
The relationship between task-based language teaching (TBLT) and instructed second language acquisition (ISLA) is a close one. Both are concerned primarily with facilitating the development of second language (L2) learners’ linguistic proficiency. This article begins by providing a brief… read more | Article
This study investigated second language (L2) learners’ use of first language (L1) as a means to resolve lexical issues during collaborative writing tasks (i.e., L1 languaging). Participants were 34 8th grade high-proficiency English learners in Chile who shared their L1 (Spanish). Their vocabulary… read more | Chapter
This chapter reports on a classroom-based quasi-experimental study by focusing on its methodological aspects. The study’s objectives were twofold: (1) to examine the effect of metacognitive instruction (MI) in which learners were instructed about the benefits of receiving corrective feedback (CF),… read more | Chapter
This chapter reports on a classroom-based quasi-experimental study examining the relationship between interactional moves and collaborative patterns in peer interaction and their effect on L2 development, using proficiency as an independent variable. Participants were from two parallel Grade 10… read more | Article
Sato, Masatoshi and Susan Ballinger 2016 Understanding peer interaction: Research synthesis and directionsPeer Interaction and Second Language Learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda, Sato, Masatoshi and Susan Ballinger (eds.), pp. 1–30
Lyster, Roy and Masatoshi Sato 2013 Chapter 4. Skill Acquisition Theory and the role of practice in L2 developmentContemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, García Mayo, María del Pilar, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián (eds.), pp. 71–92
This chapter presents an overview of research in support of Skill Acquisition Theory and the claim that contextualized oral practice in conjunction with feedback promotes continued second language growth. Skill acquisition is explained as a gradual transition from effortful use to more automatic… read more | Chapter