José Antonio Candalija Reina

List of John Benjamins publications for which José Antonio Candalija Reina plays a role.


Candalija Reina, José Antonio 2015 Argumental comitative and reciprocity in SpanishVerb Classes and Aspect, Barrajón López, Elisa, José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique (eds.), pp. 98–109 | Article
This research paper deals with the reciprocity relationships in Spanish. It is our intention to establish the conditions needed in reciprocal constructions and their distinctive characteristics. One of these features is the presence of an argument characterized by being semantically obligatory and… read more
Candalija Reina, José Antonio 2011 Conflation processes in the formation of Spanish verbs with a prepositional objectSpanish Word Formation and Lexical Creation, Cifuentes Honrubia, José Luis and Susana Rodríguez Rosique (eds.), pp. 43–64 | Article
This chapter analyzes prepositional denominal verbs; specifically, it focuses on the importance of prepositions in the formation process of certain denominal verbs from a diachronic perspective, paying attention to their origin and their syntactic and semantic evolution. The paper outlines the… read more