Martine Hausberger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martine Hausberger plays a role.


Lemasson, Alban, Daria Lippi, Laura Hamelin, Stéphane Louazon and Martine Hausberger. 2020. Public attitude influences actors’ visual orientation*: A pilot experimental study. Interaction Studies 21:3, pp. 428–439
Human emotions guide verbal and non-verbal behaviour during social encounters. During public performances, performers’ emotions can be affected directly by an audience’s attitude. The valence of the emotional state (positive or negative) of a broad range of animal species is known to be associated… read more | Article
André, Vanessa, Christine Petr, Nicolas André, Martine Hausberger and Alban Lemasson. 2016. Voice features of telephone operators predict auditory preferences of consumers. Interaction Studies 17:1, pp. 77–97
What makes a human voice agreeable is a matter of scientific discussion. Whereas prosody was shown to play a role regarding “male-female” attraction, the impact of frequency modulations in “non-sexual”, notably commercial, contexts has attracted little attention. Another point unaddressed in the… read more | Article
Grandgeorge, Marine, Michel Deleau, Eric Lemonnier, Sylvie Tordjman and Martine Hausberger. 2012. Children with autism encounter an unfamiliar pet: Application of the Strange Animal Situation test. Interaction Studies 13:2, pp. 165–188
Autistic disorders are characterized by deficits in social interactions and communication, strong aversion or non-response to social stimuli. However, these children are often reported to develop strong bonds with companion animals. We hypothesized that children with autism (CAD) would present… read more | Article