Marjo van Koppen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marjo van Koppen plays a role.


Linguistics in the Netherlands 2008

Edited by Marjo van Koppen and Bert Botma

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 25] 2008. 190 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2007

Edited by Bettelou Los and Marjo van Koppen

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 24] 2007. viii, 247 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Rasenberg, Marlou, Azeb Amha, Matt Coler, Marjo van Koppen, E. van Miltenburg, Lynn de Rijk, Wyke Stommel and Mark Dingemanse 2023 Reimagining language: Towards a better understanding of language by including our interactions with non-humansLinguistics in the Netherlands 2023, Leufkens, Sterre and Marco Bril (eds.), pp. 309–317 | Article
What is language and who or what can be said to have it? In this essay we consider this question in the context of interactions with non-humans, specifically: animals and computers. While perhaps an odd pairing at first glance, here we argue that these domains can offer contrasting perspectives… read more
This paper presents a micro-comparative perspective on the Dutch wat voor ’n N-construction (meaning: “what kind of N”). Besides a description of the various formal manifestations of this nominal construction as found intra-dialectally and cross-dialectally, an analysis is given of the dimensions… read more
Putnam, Michael T. and Marjo van Koppen 2009 C-agreement or something close to it: Some thoughts on the ‘alls-construction’Advances in Comparative Germanic Syntax, Alexiadou, Artemis, Jorge Hankamer, Thomas McFadden, Justin Nuger and Florian Schäfer (eds.), pp. 41–58 | Article
In this paper we sketch out an account for an until now undiscussed phenomenon in generative syntax, namely the so-called “alls-construction” in Midwestern American English. In this construction, an s-ending is added to all under certain circumstances. We compare and contrast this construction with… read more
Koppen, Marjo van 2007 Agreement with coordinated subjects: A comparative perspectiveLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2007, van Craenenbroeck, Jeroen (ed.), pp. 121–161 | Article
I discuss the variation concerning agreement with coordinated subjects in Dutch dialects. I show that a verb or a complementizer in several variants of Dutch agrees with the first conjunct of a coordinated subject and in other variants with the coordinated subject as a whole. I argue that this… read more
Koppen, Marjo van 2007 Agreement with (the internal structure of) copies of movementThe Copy Theory of Movement, Corver, Norbert and Jairo Nunes (eds.), pp. 327–350 | Chapter
This chapter discusses agreement between complementizers and coordinated subjects in Dutch dialects. In the relevant dialects, the complementizer must display agreement with the fi rst conjunct if the coordinated subject remains in [Spec,TP]. However, if the subject is extracted, this agreement… read more
Koppen, Marjo van 2006 A new view on first conjunct agreement: Evidence from Dutch dialectsStudies on Agreement, Costa, João and Maria Cristina Figueiredo Silva (eds.), pp. 121–140 | Article