Larisa Leisiö

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Passivization and Typology: Form and function

Edited by Werner Abraham and Larisa Leisiö

[Typological Studies in Language, 68] 2006. x, 553 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Leisiö, Larisa 2006 Passive in NganasanPassivization and Typology: Form and function, Abraham, Werner and Larisa Leisiö (eds.), pp. 213–230
In this paper, the passive constructions in Nganasan will be discussed froma semanticfunctional point of view. Nganasan (also called Tavgi and Tavgi-Samoyed) is one of the Northern Samoyed languages belonging to the Uralic language family. Nganasan is an essentially agglutinative accusative SOV… read more | Article