Jan Pedersen

Jan Pedersen

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Fansubs (subtitles made by fans for fans) have become a global practice, and it is by now a fairly well-described phenomenon, particularly for fansubs of Japanese anime. However, for Sweden, which has a long and strong tradition of prosubs (commissioned professional subtitles), there have hardly… read more | Article
Pedersen, Jan. 2017. How metaphors are rendered in subtitles. Target 29:3, pp. 416–439
Metaphors have been thoroughly studied as translation problems in recent decades. However, they are still under-researched in the subfield of audiovisual translation. This is strange since this mode of translation, particularly subtitling, has very special conditions which complicate the… read more | Article
Pedersen, Jan. 2008. High felicity: A speech act approach to quality assessment in subtitling. Between Text and Image: Updating research in screen translation, Chiaro, Delia, Christine Heiss and Chiara Bucaria (eds.), pp. 101–115
This paper contains some thoughts on how an approach based on speech act theory can be used for quality assessment in subtitling. It is assumed here that subtitling is a pragmatic form of translation and that it might be more felicitous to give a speaker’s primary illocutionary point (what is meant… read more | Article