Aleksandar Takovski

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aleksandar Takovski plays a role.


EU is a discursive field where multiple meanings and representations are created, negotiated and contested. Research has shown that the concept possess an interpretive power often used as an instrument of political confrontation. Such is the case, this study argues, with the two largest Macedonian… read more | Article
The name dispute between Republic of Macedonia and Greece manifests itself in Greece’s objections to the use of the noun “Macedonia” or the adjective “Macedonian” to refer to any other ethnicity, culture, tradition and history except Greek. In order to promote itself as a sole claimant to the name,… read more | Article
Ethnic humour research has mostly conceived and studied ethnic humour as a humour that sets boundaries between jokers and joke targets and that ridicules the targeted ethnicities by assigning them (non) ethnic, universal qualities like stupidity, cunningness or asexuality. By relying on such… read more | Article