Michael Kenstowicz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Kenstowicz plays a role.



Do, Youngah, Chiyuki Ito and Michael Kenstowicz 2014 The base of Korean noun paradigms: Evidence from toneKorean Linguistics 16:2, pp. 111–143 | Article
This paper reports and analyzes the tonal patterns that emerge in South Kyengsang monosyllabic nouns that exhibit two well-known analogical changes in stem shape, one involving coronal obstruent codas and the other stems with an underlying cluster. By the first change, underlying and orthographic… read more
Hsieh, Feng-fan, Michael Kenstowicz and Xiaomin Mou 2009 Mandarin adaptations of coda nasals in English loanwordsLoan Phonology, Calabrese, Andrea and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 131–154 | Article
The paper documents and analyzes the ways in which English loanwords into Mandarin are adapted to conform to the Rhyme Harmony constraint that requires the front vs. back quality of a nonhigh vowel to agree with the coronal vs. dorsal character of a nasal coda. The principal finding is that the… read more
Kenstowicz, Michael, Yousef Bader and R. Benkeddache 1985 The phonology of state in Kabyle BerberAfrican Linguistics: Essays in Memory of M.W.K. Semikenke, Goyvaerts, Didier L. (ed.), pp. 319 ff. | Article
Kenstowicz, Michael 1981 Functional explanations in generative phonologyPhonology in the 1980’s, Goyvaerts, Didier L. (ed.), pp. 431–444 | Article