Aina Urdze

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Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Stolz, Thomas, Nataliya Levkovych and Aina Urdze 2017 Spatial interrogatives: Typology and dynamics (with special focus on the development from Latin to Romance)Space in Diachrony, Luraghi, Silvia, Tatiana Nikitina and Chiara Zanchi (eds.), pp. 207–240 | Chapter
This paper explores the diachronic behavior of the paradigms of the spatial interrogatives where, whither, and whence in forty-five contemporary Romance varieties by way of comparing them to the facts reported for their common ancestor: Latin. It is shown that the vast majority of the paradigms… read more
This paper examines some of the problems which arise in connection with the question of whether or not reduplication is a language universal. The point of departure of the study is Moravcsik’s (1978) seminal paper on reduplicative constructions in cross-linguistic perspective. In the main body of… read more