Brendan Regan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Brendan Regan plays a role.


This article analyzes the social perceptions of ceceo and distinción in the town of Lepe, Spain using a matched-guise experiment created by digitally manipulating spontaneous speech from twelve speakers, varying only in realizations of syllable initial coronal fricatives. Based on an analysis of 92… read more
Regan, Brendan 2016 The prosody-pragmatics interface in the pragmaticalization of ¡Hombre! as a discourse markerInquiries in Hispanic Linguistics: From theory to empirical evidence, Cuza, Alejandro, Lori Czerwionka and Daniel Olson (eds.), pp. 211–240 | Article
The current study, using a mixed methods approach of qualitative discourse analysis and quantitative phonetic analysis based on the framework of interactional prosody (Couper-Kuhlen, 2001; Couper-Kuhlen & Selting, 1996; Selting, 2010), analyzes the pragmaticalized multifunctional discourse marker… read more