Michel Marcoccia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michel Marcoccia plays a role.


Atifi, Hassan and Michel Marcoccia. 2020. Indirectness and effectiveness of requests in professional emails: A case study. The Discourse of Indirectness: Cues, voices and functions, Livnat, Zohar, Pnina Shukrun-Nagar and Galia Hirsch (eds.), pp. 143–166
This chapter deals with the question: which strategies are used when formulating a request in a particular context – workplace – and with a specific means of communication (electronic mails). This research is based on a case study: the analysis of 60 emails sent over two days by three employees of… read more | Chapter
This chapter deals with the evolution of ordinariness in French media by highlighting two phenomena: the emergence of a new form of ordinary discourse defined as ‘ordinary political discourse’, ordinary but also militant and/or expert, and the questioning of this ordinariness, sometimes denounced… read more | Chapter
Atifi, Hassan and Michel Marcoccia. 2015. Follow-ups and dialogue in online discussions on French politics: From Internet forums to social TV. The Dynamics of Political Discourse: Forms and functions of follow-ups, Fetzer, Anita, Elda Weizman and Lawrence N. Berlin (eds.), pp. 109–140
The Internet enables various genres of online political discussions. Two types can be distinguished according to the nature of the participants: discussions about politics between “ordinary citizens” and discussions between “citizens” and “professionals” (e.g., politicians, experts, journalists).… read more | Article