Ingo Feldhausen

Ingo Feldhausen

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Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 30, Frankfurt

Edited by Ingo Feldhausen, Martin Elsig, Imme Kuchenbrandt and Mareike Neuhaus

[Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory, 15] 2019. vii, 358 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Generative linguistics | Phonology | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This paper sheds new light on the validity of claims in the syntactic literature concerning the prosody of (a) hanging topic left-dislocations (HTLDs), (b) clitic left-dislocations (CLLDs) and (c) left-dislocations without a resumptive pronoun in Spanish. It is typically assumed that HTLDs but not… read more | Article
Pešková, Andrea, Ingo Feldhausen, Elena Kireva and Christoph Gabriel. 2012. Diachronic prosody of a contact variety: Analyzing Porteño Spanish spontaneous speech. Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies, Braunmüller, Kurt and Christoph Gabriel (eds.), pp. 365–390
This paper presents a micro-diachronic study of the prosody of Porteño, the Spanish variety spoken in Buenos Aires, by comparing spontaneous speech data collected in 1983 with comparable recordings made in 2008. Porteño Spanish is said to be influenced by Italian due to massive immigration between… read more | Article
Gabriel, Christoph, Ingo Feldhausen and Andrea Pešková. 2011. Prosodic phrasing in Porteño Spanish. Intonational Phrasing in Romance and Germanic: Cross-linguistic and bilingual studies, Gabriel, Christoph and Conxita Lleó (eds.), pp. 153–182
This paper deals with prosodic phrasing in Porteño Spanish, the urban vernacular of Buenos Aires. Concerning its prosody, Porteño is often described as more closely resembling Italian than other Spanish dialects. While recent work largely focuses on Italian’ features in the domain of pitch accents,… read more | Article