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The Hard Work–Entertainment Continuum: Teaching Asian languages in Australia

Edited by Andy Kirkpatrick, Yong Zhong and Helen Kirkpatrick

Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


Liddicoat, Anthony J. and Andy Kirkpatrick 2020 Dimensions of language education policy in AsiaDevelopments in Diglossic Settings in the Asian Pacific Region, Berg, Marinus van den (ed.), pp. 7–33
This paper will identify the major trends that can be determined from an overall study of recent language policies across Asia. The trends can be seen across three interrelated themes, namely: the promotion and privileging of one language as the national language as part of an attempt to create a… read more | Article
This article provides a comparative analysis of foreign language policies in Asia and Australia with reference to policy contexts, motivations and processes. The analysis is specifically motivated by the recent publication of the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper that represents… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy 2015 ForewordContemporary Chinese Discourse and Social Practice in China, Tsung, Linda and Wei Wang (eds.), pp. xiii–xvi
Kirkpatrick, Andy and Sophiaan Subhan 2014 Non-standard or new standards or errors? The use of inflectional marking for present and past tenses in English as an Asian lingua francaThe Evolution of Englishes: The Dynamic Model and beyond, Buschfeld, Sarah, Thomas Hoffmann, Magnus Huber and Alexander Kautzsch (eds.), pp. 386–400
Using data of speakers whose first language is a variety of Malay, a language that does not mark for tense, this article will investigate the hypothesis that speakers of second language (L2) varieties of English whose first languages (L1s) do not mark for tense, will use tense marking less… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy 2012 Chapter 1. Theoretical issuesEnglish in Southeast Asia: Features, policy and language in use, Low, Ee-Ling and Azirah Hashim (eds.), pp. 13–32
The chapter begins with a discussion of the linguistic and sociolinguistic motivations that lead to the creation of distinctive linguistic features in new varieties of English. This will include a review of issues connected with language contact, nativisation and the nature of code-mixing. The… read more | Chapter
The term maidan has become a common way of asking for the bill in Putonghua. In this paper we investigate whether this is the transfer of a Cantonese expression which has been re-interpreted as a Putonghua expression, and thus an example of language change being caused by a mistake or mishearing.… read more | Article
Deterding, David, Jennie Wong and Andy Kirkpatrick 2008 The pronunciation of Hong Kong EnglishEnglish World-Wide 29:2, pp. 148–175
This paper provides a detailed description of the pronunciation of English by fifteen fourth-year undergraduates at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. First, the occurrence of American features of pronunciation is considered. Then there is an analysis of the pronunciation of initial TH, initial… read more | Article
In this article I first discuss a genre of writing, the Ars Dictaminis, which became popular in Europe from the 11th century and which flourished in the 12th and 13th centuries. In particular I consider the arrangement of letters as advised in Ars Dictaminis treatises and show its influence from… read more | Article
Chen Kui was a scholar-official of the Southern Song dynasty. He published the Wen Ze (here translated as The Rules of Writing) in 1170. This book is commonly described by Chinese scholars as China’s first systematic account of Chinese rhetoric. The book comprises ten chapters, covering aspects of… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy and Denise Mulligan 2002 Cultures of learning: Critical reading in the social and applied sciencesLiteracies: Tertiary contexts, Golebiowski, Zosia, pp. 73–99
Australian university students are characterised in some quarters, and by employer groups especially, as lacking a high facility with literacy skills. But what literacy skills do students actually need for tertiary study in Australia today? What expectations do students and teachers have about… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy 1997 Using contrastive rhetoric to teach writing: Seven principlesTeaching Languages, Teaching Culture, Liddicoat, Anthony J. and Chantal Crozet (eds.), pp. 89–102
In this paper we first summarise how linguists have treated the notions of topic and comment in the context of Chinese sentence structure. We then review how a number of Chinese scholars have analysed sentence structure in Chinese. We then propose that certain sentences in MSC traditionally… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy 1995 The teaching and learning of the four priority Asian languagesThe Hard Work–Entertainment Continuum: Teaching Asian languages in Australia, Kirkpatrick, Andy, Yong Zhong and Helen Kirkpatrick (eds.), pp. 17–34
Kirkpatrick, Andy, Yong Zhong and Helen Kirkpatrick 1995 ForewordThe Hard Work–Entertainment Continuum: Teaching Asian languages in Australia, Kirkpatrick, Andy, Yong Zhong and Helen Kirkpatrick (eds.), pp. i–iii
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The use of advance organisers (Clyne 1987) are common in English. In this article, we divide advance organisers into two types – those that signpost the structure of the discourse for a listener and those that signpost the content of the discourse for the listener. Data of extended spoken discourse… read more | Article
The hypothesis presented in this paper is that the sequence of ‘modifier-modified’ is a fundamental unit of sequencing in Modern Standard Chinese (MSC). It is shown that this sequencing unit extends beyond word pairs such as adjective-noun to sentences with complex clauses and also that it… read more | Article
Kirkpatrick, Andy 1992 Schemas, authentic texts and cross-cultural communicationLanguage Teaching and Learning in Australia, Mann, Chris and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. † (eds.), pp. 101–119
It is proposed that teaching and learning the schemas of language is important for effective language learning. In the first part of the paper, the cultural and linguistic interdependence of schemas is discussed. In the second part of the paper, 40 Chinese letters of request written by Mainland… read more | Article