Sara Mills

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sara Mills plays a role.


Bom, Isabelle van der, Laura Coffey-Glover, Lucy Jones, Sara Mills and Laura Louise Paterson 2015 Implicit homophobic argument structure: Equal-marriage discourse in The Moral MazeJournal of Language and Sexuality 4:1, pp. 102–137 | Article
This article analyses the linguistic and discursive elements which contribute to the production of implicit homophobia. Explicit homophobia has been well documented and strategies for countering discriminatory language have been developed (Baker 2014, Leap 2012). However, our interest here is in… read more
Mills, Sara 2002 3. Rethinking politeness, impoliteness and gender identityGender Identity and Discourse Analysis, Litosseliti, Lia and Jane Sunderland (eds.), pp. 69–89 | Article