Ilkka Arminen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ilkka Arminen plays a role.


Aaltonen, Tarja, Ilkka Arminen and Sanna Raudaskoski 2014 Photo sharing as a joint activity between an aphasic speaker and othersInteracting with Objects: Language, materiality, and social activity, Nevile, Maurice, Pentti Haddington, Trine Heinemann and Mirka Rauniomaa (eds.), pp. 125–144 | Article
The chapter concerns the usages of a digital camera and digital photographs as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods in interaction between aphasic and non-challenged speakers. It focuses on the way in which a universal tool (the ‘ubi-tech’ method) can contribute to the fluency… read more
Vaajala, Tiia, Ilkka Arminen and Antoon De Rycker 2013 Misalignments in Finnish emergency call openings: Legitimacy, asymmetries and multi-tasking as interactional contestsDiscourse and Crisis: Critical perspectives, De Rycker, Antoon and Zuraidah Mohd Don (eds.), pp. 131–157 | Article
Koskela, Inka and Ilkka Arminen 2012 The embedded evaluations in air traffic control trainingEvaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction, Rasmussen, Gitte, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day (eds.), pp. 15–42 | Article
This chapter concerns evaluation of trainee performance in air traffic control training. By connecting the detailed study of talk with the multimodal analysis of action, we investigate evaluative practices embedded in a particular instructional sequence. The sequence consists of the trainer… read more