E. Dimitris Kitis

List of John Benjamins publications for which E. Dimitris Kitis plays a role.


Serafis, Dimitris, E. Dimitris Kitis and Stavros Assimakopoulos 2022 Sailing to Ithaka : The transmutation of Greek left-populism in discourses about the European Union(De)legitimising EUrope in times of crisis, Zappettini, Franco and Samuel Bennett (eds.), pp. 344–369 | Article
This paper examines the reasoning lines in PM Alexis Tsipras’ political discourse in critical moments of SYRIZA’s tenure as the ruling party in Greece. Adopting a CDS perspective, we zoom in on the patterns that underlie the (de)legitimization of the crisis-ridden EU in three seminal speeches by… read more
The article examines two key-speeches given by Greek PMs, at crucial junctures of the Greek crisis, both aiming to legitimize austerity programs to the Greek population. The speeches by Papandreou (Socialists) and Tsipras (Radical Left) represent critical moments of the crisis as the two PMs… read more
Kitis, E. Dimitris and Tommaso M. Milani 2015 The performativity of the body: Turbulent spaces in GreeceLinguistic Landscape 1:3, pp. 268–290 | Article
This article explores the “performativity of the body” (Butler, 2011) using ‘anarchic’ and ‘anti-authoritarian’ protests in Greece as empirical starting points. We analyze the ways in which bodies speak politically by producing spatial turbulence in interaction with other bodies, and the… read more
Kitis, E. Dimitris 2013 The 2008 urban riots in Greece: Differential representations of a police shooting incidentDiscourse and Crisis: Critical perspectives, De Rycker, Antoon and Zuraidah Mohd Don (eds.), pp. 323–362 | Article