Sanjun Sun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sanjun Sun plays a role.


In the last two decades, cognitive translation studies in China has been gaining momentum, which is spurred by three lines or perspectives of inquiry: psychology (especially cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics), cognitive linguistics, and translation process research (TPR). Despite the… read more | Article
Sun, Sanjun. 2014. Rethinking translation studies. Translation Spaces 3, pp. 167–191
Since Holmes’ founding statement for translation studies in 1972, four decades have passed. During that time some trends seem to have developed in the discipline, and it is time to stop and take stock. This paper touches upon issues essential to understanding translation studies today, such as (1)… read more | Article
Sun, Sanjun and Gregory M. Shreve. 2014. Measuring translation difficulty: An empirical study. Target 26:1, pp. 98–127
The purpose of this study was to find a method to measure difficulty in a translation task. Readability formulas have been suggested to be a useful tool and yet this needs to be empirically tested. In this study, NASA Task Load Index, a multidimensional scale for measuring mental workload, was used… read more | Article