Yakov G. Testelets

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yakov G. Testelets plays a role.


Arkadiev, Peter M. and Yakov G. Testelets. 2019. Differential nominal marking in Circassian. Studies in Language 43:3, pp. 715–751
In this paper we describe a peculiar pattern of case alternation from the polysynthetic Circassian (West Caucasian) languages, where specificity-driven differential marking of noun phrases is attested in all syntactic positions and with the absolutive and the oblique cases alike. We call this… read more | Article
Kazenin, Konstantin I. and Yakov G. Testelets. 2004. 9. Where coordination meets subordination: Converb constructions in Tsakhur (Daghestanian). Coordinating Constructions, Haspelmath, Martin (ed.), pp. 227–239
1.Introduction 2. Tests for distinguishing between coordination and subordination 2.1 The morphosyntactic locus test 2.2 The Coordinate Structure Constraint 2.3 Center embedding 3. Some basics of Tsakhur grammar 4. Coordination and subordination in constructions with General… read more | Chapter