Thomas Widlok

List of John Benjamins publications for which Thomas Widlok plays a role.


Widlok, Thomas 2024 Chapter 2. The cultural, linguistic and cognitive relativity of time conceptsAnthropological Linguistics: Perspectives from Africa, Hollington, Andrea, Alice Mitchell and Nico Nassenstein (eds.), pp. 30–48
There has been a considerable boost in studies on the cognitive foundations of language, including the fields of space, time, and causality. While Africa has increasingly been included in these studies, the attention to cognitive constraints has sometimes overlooked possible diversity as captured… read more | Chapter
Widlok, Thomas, Christian J. Rapold and Gertie Hoymann 2008 Multimedia analysis in documentation projects: Kinship, interrogatives and reciprocals in ǂ Akhoe Hai ǁ omLessons from Documented Endangered Languages, Harrison, K. David, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer (eds.), pp. 355–370
This contribution emphasizes the role of multimedia data not only for archiving languages but also for creating opportunities for innovative analyses. In the case at hand, video material was collected as part of the documentation of Akhoe Haiom, a Khoisan language spoken in northern Namibia. The… read more | Article