Brigitta Busch

List of John Benjamins publications for which Brigitta Busch plays a role.


The connection between language and trauma has so far been mainly discussed with regards to the difficulty of narrating traumatic experience. The issue of multilingualism and traumatic experience has mainly been raised in studies on language loss or change. This contribution takes an approach based… read more
Busch, Brigitta 2009 Local actors in promoting multilingualismDiscourses on Language and Integration: Critical perspectives on language testing regimes in Europe, Hogan-Brun, Gabrielle, Clare Mar-Molinero and Patrick Stevenson (eds.), pp. 129–152 | Chapter
Although language policy formally remains a nation state domain, in the process of glocalisation other actors gain in importance. Local authorities – closer to the daily life of the citizens than the central state authorities – are only beginning to realise their role in the field of… read more
This article explores the multi-accentuality of the sign ‘gastarbajteri’, used as title word in an exhibition on labour migration that took place in Vienna, Austria, in 2004. Based on an ethnographic study of the exhibition, it addresses a variety of readings of this word, both at the level of… read more