Sonja Kleinke

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The Discursive Construction of Identities On- and Offline: Personal - group - collective

Edited by Birte Bös, Sonja Kleinke, Sandra Mollin and Nuria Hernández

Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


With their new patterns of participation and interaction in political discourse, Opinion sections of online newspapers played an important role in the dissemination and critical public discussion of governmental crisis communication during the pandemic. Scrutinizing above-the-line and… read more
This paper reinvestigates the polarizing effects of indeterminate first- and third-person plural pronouns and determiners (i.e. the we-set and the they-set) from a Digital Discourse perspective. Combining Critical Discourse Analysis and a cognitive-linguistic approach, it tackles the… read more
Kleinke, Sonja, Nuria Hernández and Birte Bös 2018 Introduction: Identity construction in complex discourse contextsThe Discursive Construction of Identities On- and Offline: Personal - group - collective, Bös, Birte, Sonja Kleinke, Sandra Mollin and Nuria Hernández (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Chapter
Kleinke, Sonja and Birte Bös 2015 Intergroup rudeness and the metapragmatics of its negotiation in online discussion foraRelational work in Facebook and discussion boards/fora, Locher, Miriam A., Brook Bolander and Nicole Höhn (eds.), pp. 47–71 | Article
This study investigates the communicative practices in English and German online discussion fora as exemplified by two thematically related sample threads. Combining first- and second-order approaches to (im-)politeness, the paper focuses on the question of how participants use intergroup rudeness… read more
This study investigates an area of interpersonal pragmatic meaning in which the specific framing conditions of public Internet message boards seem to be particularly relevant: patterns of responses to rhetorical questions as one aspect of the negotiation of the rhetorical force of such questions… read more
Kleinke, Sonja 2010 Interactive aspects of computer-mediated communication: ‘Disagreement’ in an English and a German public news groupDiscourses in Interaction, Tanskanen, Sanna-Kaisa, Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, Marjut Johansson and Mia Raitaniemi (eds.), pp. 195–222 | Article
This study is placed in the context of current pragmatic research on public news group Internet communication as well as Watts’ notion of ‘emergent networks’ in the context of linguistic politeness. It investigates the functions and use of ‘disagreement’ in public news group Internet interaction in… read more