Kathleen Heugh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kathleen Heugh plays a role.



Heugh, Kathleen, Mei French, Vandana Ayra, Min Pham, Necia Billinghurst, Neil Tippett, Li-Ching Chang, Julie Nichols, Jeanne-Marie Viljoen and Jeanne-Marie Viljoen 2022 Multilingualism, translanguaging and transknowledging: Translation technology in EMI higher educationMultilingual education or How to learn to teach multilingual learning, Vetter, Eva and Nikolay Slavkov (eds.), pp. 89–127 | Article
Key findings, analysis and recommendations that have emerged from a research project, ‘Using Human Language Technology to enhance academic integrity, inclusivity, knowledge exchange, student diversity and retention’ at the University of South Australia conducted in 2019 are discussed in this… read more