Jakob R.E. Leimgruber

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jakob R.E. Leimgruber plays a role.


Leimgruber, Jakob R.E. 2020 Chapter 12. Naming practices in Singapore’s hawker centres: Echoes of itineracyTalking about Food: The social and the global in eating communities, Rüdiger, Sofia and Susanne Mühleisen (eds.), pp. 235–256 | Chapter
A hawker is an itinerant salesperson, formerly typically ubiquitous in most urban environments. Despite the popular and useful services they provide, they are often viewed with suspicion. Starting in the 1960s, the government of Singapore has begun to sedentarise the trade into purpose-built… read more
This paper compares data from a Singaporean chit chat forum to informal spoken data. We first perform a qualitative analysis of text samples in a framework of indexicality. Then we present quantitative findings for two (sets of) features each of the contact variety Singlish (particles, the… read more
A famous element in Singapore’s food culture is the hawker centre, consisting of a large collection of individually-run stalls selling various kinds of foods and drinks. These centres, which dot the island and its public housing estates, were built on government initiative beginning in the… read more
Vingron, Naomi, Jason Gullifer, Julia Hamill, Jakob R.E. Leimgruber and Debra Titone 2017 Using eye tracking to investigate what bilinguals notice about linguistic landscape images: A preliminary studyMethodology in Linguistic Landscape Research, Blackwood, Robert (ed.), pp. 226–245 | Article
In daily life, we experience dynamic visual input referred to as the “linguistic landscape” (LL), comprised of images and text, for example, signs, and billboards (Gorter, 2013; Landry & Bourhis, 1997; Shohamy, Ben-Rafael and Barni 2010). While much is known about LLs descriptively, less is known… read more
Leimgruber, Jakob R.E. and Lavanya Sankaran 2014 Imperfectives in Singapore’s Indian communityEnglish in the Indian Diaspora, Hundt, Marianne and Devyani Sharma (eds.), pp. 105–130 | Article
This chapter examines the sociolinguistics of the Indian community in Singapore, with a particular emphasis on the use of the -ing marker among Tamils. The Indian diaspora in Singapore is of interest because the community differs from others in many respects: although a minority of less than 10… read more
Leimgruber, Jakob R.E. 2013 The management of multilingualism in a city-state: Language policy in SingaporeMultilingualism and Language Diversity in Urban Areas: Acquisition, identities, space, education, Siemund, Peter, Ingrid Gogolin, Monika Edith Schulz and Julia Davydova (eds.), pp. 227–256 | Article
Language policy in Singapore exists against a background of large diversity, a diversity that has been present in the city-state ever since its founding, and which is manifest both in ethnic and in linguistic terms. The government deals with this diversity in several ways: firstly, in giving… read more