Deanna C. Friesen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Deanna C. Friesen plays a role.


Friesen, Deanna C. and Chastine Lamoureux 2023 Chapter 8. Metalinguistic awareness in bilingualsUnderstanding Language and Cognition through Bilingualism: In honor of Ellen Bialystok, Luk, Gigi, John A.E. Anderson and John G. Grundy (eds.), pp. 169–187 | Chapter
The goal of this chapter is to outline Ellen Bialystok’s contribution to our understanding of metalinguistic awareness development. We start by describing both her work in the field and her cognitive framework that outlines the components (i.e., linguistic analysis & control) needed to… read more
The current study investigated how language experience impacts phonologically-mediated meaning activation. Monolinguals and bilinguals made living/non-living judgments on English homophones (e.g., beech, beach) while Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) were recorded. Context was manipulated by making… read more
The bilingual advantage in executive functioning is often contrasted with a disadvantage in lexical access, but the two are based on different processes. The former entails fluid operations used for intentional processing (i.e., cognitive control) and the latter involves crystallized knowledge (i.e. read more