Victor Junnan Pan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Victor Junnan Pan plays a role.


Pan, Victor Junnan and Bin Zhu 2023 Chapter 8. On the syntax of causal clauses in Mandarin ChineseMicro- and Macro-variation of Causal Clauses: Synchronic and Diachronic Insights, Jędrzejowski, Łukasz and Constanze Fleczoreck (eds.), pp. 221–249 | Chapter
This chapter examines problems and issues related to the syntax of causal-consequent clauses in Chinese. Conjunctions that introduce these clauses in Chinese do not form a homogeneous syntactic category: Some are analyzed as complementizers, whereas the others as prepositions. Furthermore, both… read more
Pan, Victor Junnan 2019 Chapter 6. System repairing strategy at interface: Wh -in-situ in Mandarin ChineseInterfaces in Grammar, Hu, Jianhua and Haihua Pan (eds.), pp. 133–166 | Chapter
Wh-words in Chinese are ambiguous in specific contexts. In actual conversational situations, when speakers put different combinations of stress with intonation on sentences, the relevant wh-words are no longer ambiguous. The encoded prosodic forms can be analyzed as phonological features in… read more
This paper examines the derivation of two types of A′-dependencies — relative clauses and Left-Dislocation structures — in the framework of Minimalist Program based on Mandarin data. Relatives and LD structures demonstrate many distinct syntactic and semantic properties when they contain a gap and… read more