Emmanuelle Labeau

List of John Benjamins publications for which Emmanuelle Labeau plays a role.


Bres, Jacques and Emmanuelle Labeau 2015  Venir de (+ infinitive): An immediate anteriority marker in FrenchDiachronica 32:4, pp. 530–570 | Article
This paper deals with the grammaticalisation of venir into an aspectual auxiliary of immediate anteriority, against the traditional approach (Gougenheim 1971 [1929]) according to which venir de + inf, would express recent past and so would be a temporal auxiliary. On the basis of the (revised)… read more
In Old and Middle French (12th–16th centuries), va [“goes”] + inf was used in narrations in the past. A similar usage seems to have reappeared and be spreading today. However, the old construction combined with past tenses whereas the new one is found only with forms anchored in present and future. read more
On the basis of a transcribed French television corpus made of two news bulletins, two chat shows and one literary programme recorded in February 2003, this paper explores the claim that passé simple (PS) may still be used in prepared oral discourse (Pfister 1974). The corpus does not provide… read more
Labeau, Emmanuelle 2005 Beyond the Aspect Hypothesis: Tense–aspect development in advanced L2 FrenchEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 5 (2005), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., María del Pilar García Mayo and Jasone Cenoz (eds.), pp. 77–101 | Article
The Aspect Hypothesis (AH) (Andersen 1986, 1991) suggests an eight-stage development of the Spanish tense–aspect system by English learners in which tenses progressively mark verb categories. The current paper, which presents some of the main findings from Labeau (2005), explores the relevance of… read more