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Austronesian Undressed: How and why languages become isolating

Edited by David Gil and Antoinette Schapper

[Typological Studies in Language, 129] 2020. ix, 510 pp.
Subjects Austronesian languages | Historical linguistics | Linguistics of isolated languages | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


This chapter poses the question “What does it mean to be an isolating language?” and addresses it by offering a case study of such a language, Riau Indonesian. First, this chapter surveys the debate concerning the viability of the notion of word as a comparative concept, proposes a definition of… read more
Gil, David 2020 Chapter 3. Dual heritage: The story of Riau Indonesian and its relativesAustronesian Undressed: How and why languages become isolating, Gil, David and Antoinette Schapper (eds.), pp. 119–212 | Chapter
How and why did Riau Indonesian acquire its isolating profile? Its isolating structure may traced back continuously through a series of increasingly large language networks – Malay/Indonesian koinés, Malay/Indonesian in general, Malayic, Western Nusantara, and the Mekong-Mamberamo linguistic… read more
Gil, David and Antoinette Schapper 2020 IntroductionAustronesian Undressed: How and why languages become isolating, Gil, David and Antoinette Schapper (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
Gil, David 2010 The acquisition of syntactic categories in Jakarta IndonesianParts of Speech: Empirical and theoretical advances, Ansaldo, Umberto, Jan Don and Roland Pfau (eds.), pp. 135–167 | Article
Gil, David 2008 How complex are isolating languages?Language Complexity: Typology, contact, change, Miestamo, Matti, Kaius Sinnemäki and Fred Karlsson (eds.), pp. 109–131 | Article
How complex are isolating languages? The Compensation Hypothesis suggests that isolating languages make up for simpler morphology with greater complexity in other domains, such as syntax and semantics. This paper provides detailed argumentation against the Compensation Hypothesis. A… read more
Gil, David 2008 The acquisition of syntactic categories in Jakarta IndonesianParts of Speech: Descriptive tools, theoretical constructs, Ansaldo, Umberto, Jan Don and Roland Pfau (eds.), pp. 637–669 | Article
This paper presents empirical evidence for a theory of syntactic categories in the tradition of categorial grammar, in which more complex categories are derived from simpler ones by means of category formation operators. In Jakarta Indonesian, almost all words and larger expressions belong to a… read more
Gil, David 2007 Creoles, complexity and associational semanticsDeconstructing Creole, Ansaldo, Umberto, Stephen Matthews and Lisa Lim (eds.), pp. 67–108 | Article
Gil, David 2005 Word order without syntactic categories: How Riau Indonesian does itVerb First: On the syntax of verb-initial languages, Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and Sheila Dooley (eds.), pp. 243–263 | Article
Gil, David 2004 14. Riau Indonesian Sama : Explorations in macrofunctionalityCoordinating Constructions, Haspelmath, Martin (ed.), pp. 371–424 | Chapter
1.Introduction 2. Macrofunctionality 3. Riau Indonesian 4. Sama: Description 4.1 The functions of sama 4.2 Sama plus reduplication 4.3 Sama and other forms 5. Sama: Analysis 5.1 Cross-linguistic replicability 5.2 Fuzziness of boundaries 5.3 Unified syntactic and… read more