Kristin Kopf

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Free Variation in Grammar: Empirical and theoretical approaches

Edited by Kristin Kopf and Thilo Weber

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 234] 2023. vi, 352 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Weber, Thilo and Kristin Kopf 2023 Chapter 1. Free variation, unexplained variation?Free Variation in Grammar: Empirical and theoretical approaches, Kopf, Kristin and Thilo Weber (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Chapter
Kopf, Kristin 2018 From genitive suffix to linking element: A corpus study on the genesis and productivity of a new compounding pattern in (Early) New High GermanGermanic Genitives, Ackermann, Tanja, Horst J. Simon and Christian Zimmer (eds.), pp. 91–114 | Chapter
Present-day German uses two formally different patterns of compounding in N+N compounds. The first combines bare stems (e.g. Tisch+decke ‘tablecloth’) while the second contains an intervening linking element (le) as in Geburt‑s-ort ‘birth-le-place’. The linked compounding type developed in Early… read more