Teppo Jakonen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Teppo Jakonen plays a role.


Evnitskaya, Natalia and Teppo Jakonen 2017 Multimodal conversation analysis and CLIL classroom practicesApplied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 201–220 | Article
This chapter introduces multimodal Conversation Analysis (CA) as a research framework for CLIL classroom interaction. We begin by presenting key methodological principles of CA and discussing how CA has recently broadened its analytical focus to examine how modalities such as gestures and texts are… read more
Jakonen, Teppo 2016 Gaining access to another participant’s writing in the classroomWriting in interaction, Mondada, Lorenza (ed.), pp. 179–204 | Article
Prior conversation analytic studies have shown that writing is a multifaceted activity, one that is accomplished in different participation configurations and through different practices of text production. A key factor that organises writing is whether participants jointly produce one text or… read more