Charlotte Taylor

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


This paper examines the utility of metaphor as an investigative tool in “long-distance” corpora and discourse studies. I show that metaphor is both important for understanding discourses and useful for diachronic analysis because it allows us to abstract out above the purely lexical level,… read more | Article
Schröter, Melani, Marie Veniard, Charlotte Taylor and Andreas Blätte 2019 Chapter 1. A comparative analysis of the keyword multicultural(ism) in French, British, German and Italian migration discourseMigration and Media: Discourses about identities in crisis, Viola, Lorella and Andreas Musolff (eds.), pp. 13–44
This chapter looks into discourses about migration in four European countries through the lens of cultural keywords (cf. Williams 1983; Bennett et al. 2005; Wierzbicka 1997); using Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis, it compares the use of the keywords multicultural and multiculturalism. The study… read more | Chapter
Taylor, Charlotte 2017 Chapter 2. Togetherness or othering? COMMUNITY and comunità in the UK and Italian pressRepresenting the Other in European Media Discourses, Chovanec, Jan and Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (eds.), pp. 55–80
This chapter addresses the theme of othering by reporting on preliminary work from a European project aimed at building a dictionary of migration discourse keywords. The chapter investigates the use of the terms COMMUNITY and comunità in two British and Italian newspapers (Guardian, Times,… read more | Chapter
This paper is a cross-linguistic corpus-assisted discourse study of the representation of migrants in the Italian and UK press and it adopts a two-stage methodological approach. In the first phase, the number of references to nationalities which collocate with refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants,… read more | Article