Julie Deconinck

List of John Benjamins publications for which Julie Deconinck plays a role.


In a previous, effect-of-instruction study (Deconinck et al. 2010), we reported on the benefits for word learning of an intervention which prompts learners to evaluate the extent to which a novel word’s meaning is congruent with its form. However, that study did not explore the nature of the… read more | Article
Deconinck, Julie, Frank Boers and June Eyckmans 2010 Helping learners engage with L2 words: The form–meaning fitApplied Cognitive Linguistics in Second Language Learning and Teaching, Littlemore, Jeannette and Constanze Juchem-Grundmann (eds.), pp. 95–114
The pace at which new words are acquired is influenced by the degree of engagement with them on the part of the learner. Insights from cognitive linguistics into the non-arbitrary aspects of vocabulary can be turned into stimuli for such engagement. The majority of Cognitive Linguists’ proposals… read more | Article