Martina Berrocal

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Political Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe

Edited by Martina Berrocal and Aleksandra Salamurović

Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


This article explores how communicative influence is instantiated through the analysis of situational settings, pragmatic means, and discursive strategies at the press conferences held by the Czech government during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis to maintain political authority and credibility.… read more
This study focuses on crisis communication in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, and North Macedonia during the first, second, and third pandemic waves and takes a comparative pragmatics approach. By focusing on pragmatic features, such as speech acts and discursive/linguistic aspects of… read more
Berrocal, Martina 2019 Chapter 6. Delegitimization strategies in Czech parliamentary discoursePolitical Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe, Berrocal, Martina and Aleksandra Salamurović (eds.), pp. 119–146 | Chapter
Parliamentary debates are characterized by constant conflict of opposing discourses in the struggle for positions, resources and political power. This rhetorical conflict, which is often more performed than real, aims, among others, to undermine the image of the political rivals and to question… read more
Conflicts and their discursive representations involve, apart from the spacio-temporal dimension, also the socio-ideological and axiological positions. These prompt the desired emotional response from the audience in a form of authorization for the intended action. All these dimensions are… read more
Berrocal, Martina and Aleksandra Salamurović 2019 Chapter 1. IntroductionPolitical Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe, Berrocal, Martina and Aleksandra Salamurović (eds.), pp. 1–22 | Introduction
As the core of political discourse is the struggle for power and scarce resources, conflict seems to be an essential component of political action and interaction. In addition, conflicts in parliament are manifested in many different ways. They range from disputes during the plenary sessions to… read more