Satomi Takahashi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Satomi Takahashi plays a role.



Takahashi, Satomi. 2023. Chapter 8. Task motivation effects on L2 pragmatics. L2 Pragmatics in Action: Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process, Martínez-Flor, Alicia, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón (eds.), pp. 191–213
Noticing target pragmatic features in the input does not necessarily lead to learning, as evidenced by Takahashi (2013, 2015). By focusing on aware learners, this study explored the extent to which Japanese English language learners’ task motivation affects their awareness of English bi-clausal… read more | Chapter
Takahashi, Satomi. 2010. The effect of pragmatic instruction on speech act performance. Speech Act Performance: Theoretical, empirical and methodological issues, Martínez-Flor, Alicia and Esther Usó-Juan (eds.), pp. 127–142
This chapter reviews previous research on pragmatic intervention by exploring the extent to which the teachability of second-language speech acts is constrained by the nature of intervention and learner-attributable factors. The superiority of explicit pragmatic intervention over implicit treatment… read more | Article