Stephen Westland

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stephen Westland plays a role.


There are situations where designs involve bilingual content. In such cases, to convey clear and consistent messages, we need to select typefaces in two languages. Traditionally, designers relied on their intuition and experience when selecting typefaces. This study, however, uses analytical… read more | Article
Baxter, Matthew, Maria dos Santos Lonsdale and Stephen Westland. 2021. Utilising design principles to improve the perception and effectiveness of public health infographics. Information Design Journal 26:2, pp. 124–156
Infographics are becoming a common tool in the communication of public-health information. However, research-based resources in how to create effective infographics are rare. The application of design principles in the creation of infographics has been shown to more effectively communicate… read more | Article